J.  R.  Stephenson Author, Businessman & Broadcaster

It wasn’t easy.

When you first have the idea to write a book, it seems easy enough so with PC at the ready you make a start.

After hours transferring everything from your head to paper you begin to convince yourself it’s going to be a simple exercise.  After the first flurry, you pause and think your well on the way with this masterpiece until.......  More

If I can do it anyone can.

My experience did nothing to prepare me for writing so I believe if I can do it anyone can but there are a number of provisos.

You have to be determined, confident, not easily put off by rejections and prepared to take plenty of criticism.

What really made me start writing?

My love of writing has been with me from my earliest years but the move into serious writing was inspired as a result of many friends and business colleagues to whom I would recount various incidents.

Having travelled the world, there are certainly many events which have inspired me but the truth is, I thought I’d seen everything until I set up my last company. Sure, I’d met people who were less than honest including an accountant and company secretary who operated on a false passport and mishandled client money but nothing prepared me for what was to come  .........More

Writing a book  -  Big Deal

What’s the problem?